I reserve the right to review any books that I like, and to choose not to accept reviews for books that don’t sound appealing to me or that I don’t have time for. Reviews are guaranteed to be shared on my Facebook page, Twitter and Goodreads. Reviews will also be shared on Amazon or Barnes and Noble depending on where I’ve bought the book.


If you’re pitching, I’m willing to read for ages from middle grades up, though I prefer at least young adult books.

I like some romance, I love fantasy and contemporary fiction, and I adore female heroines and narrators. I do not read anything that could be defined as “gritty” or a thriller. I don’t like them. Please don’t pitch them to me. 

I will accept either physical galleys or e-galleys. If they’re e-galleys, they need to be openable in Adobe Digital Editions or Kindle, so epub or mobi files. No PDF files will be accepted, because I find them obnoxious to read, and I don’t want that to affect my review of your book.

Please contact me at contact@candidceillie.com with a summary, book cover, and any other information you’d like me to know about the book you’d like me to review. I’m also willing to do author interviews, giveaways, and discussions, as long as I enjoyed the book.

If I cannot finish the book, due to just not caring about the plot, I will not review it and I will email you. If it is a content issue due to being problematic, I will review it. I will mark it as a DNF on Goodreads in both cases. For indie books, I will not review DNF books, in order to avoid sinking a book simply

I shouldn’t have to say this, but use my name and spell it correctly. It’s in the listing on The Indie View, it’s in my URL and it’s in my email. If you don’t do this, I’m not reading your book. Also, my name isn’t Candice?!

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