Once upon a time, there was a twitter discussion about an asexual spectrum imprint at a publisher. That morphed into discussions of an anthology, and today, I’m pleased to present you with Flaming Aces & Arrows, an anthology that is open for submissions!

Flaming Ace and Arrows Anthology aims to be a YA collection for the ages…and all the aces and aros. We are seeking #ownvoices asexual and aromantic-spectrum short stories and poems in every genre that capture the multifaceted experiences of being aro, ace, demi and grey-aro & -ace. It is our hope to recognize and celebrate as many identities on the ace and aro spectrums as possible.

As some of you know, I am on the asexual spectrum. I identify as demisexual, which basically means that I have to have an emotional bond to want to have sex. One reason I’ve been quiet about this is because, to be frank, it’s not anybody’s business other than mine and Boy’s.

However, not everyone feels this way, which is why we don’t have very much representation in mainstream media. We’re hoping to fix that with this fantastic anthology.

Anyway, here’s my introduction over at Flaming Aces & Arrows! Go learn some things!


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